Rosemary's Bio

Rosemary Arbogast

Rosemary is still haunted by the sound of AOL dial-up. Raised in Austin, she has the bad habit of being an organic food snob and has an unhealthy obsession with Whole Foods. Her best friend is a spunky cocker spaniel named Lucy who has a zealous love for carrots. A little known fact about her is she worked in an abandoned pasta factory basement for a summer in Italy. She received her economics and anthropology degree from Baylor University in 2017, and is currently working on a masters in marketing in Dallas.



Daniel's Bio

Daniel       McCarty

Daniel is a genuine cowboy boot wearing Texan from Katy, TX. He can usually be found hiding behind an old film camera or a new lens that somehow magically arrived in the mail. His interests include dogs, caffeine, movies, and fishing. He also is an avid collector of pressed pennies and postcards. Someday he wants to shoot a moose in the wilds of Alaska. Probably only with his Nikon though, because he really like animals. Especially the North American Bison. If you see one please direct him to it.